Killing Mr Griffin


Killing Mr. Griffin Essay, Research Paper

Killing Mr. Griffin

In the book Killing Mr. Griffin two of the students are involved are Susan and Betsy. I believe that Susan was a much stronger character of the two. I believe this because Susan seems to has a higher moral sense and doesn t need people to think she is cute and wonderful like Betsy does. Betsy feels that everyone must adore her because she is cute and because of her father s social standing.

Susan shows her morals by doing her work; she tries her best and tries not to bring her parents into things. Betsy, on the other hand, tries to talk her way out of everything by flaunting her looks or her father s social standing. She doesn t realize the consequences of her actions until someone points them out to her. After she establishes her alibi, that she is at home, she gets a speeding ticket and tries to talk her way out of it by talking about her father and what his job is and how important he is. Susan doesn t want to have anything to do with the kidnapping in the first place and worries about what is going to happen to everyone involved if anyone finds out about it. Betsy is only worried about Mark, what he says, and about herself.

Another example is when Mr. Griffin dies. Susan is in a panic and wants to make everything right by going to the authorities. Susan knows this is the thing to do because of her values. Betsy only wants to do what Mark wants, because she wants him to notice her. She doesn t care what kind of trouble she gets into because she thinks Mark can get them out of any kind of trouble.

As there life goes on, I believe that Susan will end up going to a good college with scholarships. She will be successful and happy. Betsy will probably serve time in a juvenile facility or jail for at least a year. She will probably live with her parents for a while or be supported by them. She may get into a community college and get a job that pays well enough for her to support herself when she lives on her own. Betsy will never be as successful as Susan in life. She will rely on her parents as long as she can but that won t last her forever.

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