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Final paperNarrativeApril 23,1999 KIDNAPPED!!!In the mind of every criminal is a bizarre justification for committing crimes. Final judgement for the majority of crimes committed usually comes when the criminal has to face his peers and accept their decision, guilty or innocent. He was only five years old. Under the cover of darkness, two strangers easily coaxed him into the cab of the small pickup truck by simply offering him food. They took advantage of his vulnerability because he was so hungry; he could not remember the last time he had a real meal, and it seemed like an eternity since the last time he had a McDonalds hamburger. They offered him several hamburgers in hopes that this would calm and appease him during the long ride. The warm juicy hamburgers tasted so wonderful, and he almost made himself sick trying to eat them so quickly. The woman spoke to him in a calm, gentle, reassuring voice trying to reassure him that he would never be hungry again. Nevertheless, he had little trust of adults, especially men. Because he was so young, he was totally unaware of the fact that he had just been kidnapped. As they sped away in a cloud of dust, he pressed his face against the glass, looking back at his friends who were smiling and waving. He wondered why his friends did not help him. He also wondered if anyone would look for him. Would anyone even notice that he was missing? Would anyone even care? He sat rigidly and quietly between the two kidnappers never making a sound and looking at each of them with wide fearful eyes, wondering what fate they had in-store for him. The rhythmic motion of the truck combined with the warmth of the heater and the fact he had a full stomach suddenly began to have a hypnotic effect on him. His eye lids grew heavy, and no matter how hard he tried he could no longer keep his eyes open, sleep soon overwhelmed him. It was a fitful sleep, and he often whimpered as he drifted in and out of dreams. Subconsciously he still had an overwhelming fear and apprehension of what lay ahead for him. In addition, he rarely trusted anyone, especially the two strangers who had taken him away from his home and his friends. When they finally arrived at their destination the man quickly scooped him up in his powerful muscular arms and swiftly carried him into the house setting him down in a large over stuffed chair. He sat there frozen with fear not even moving a muscle. The women came into the room and offered him cookies, which he quickly inhaled. Finally he began to relax, climbed out of the chair, and began slowly to explore his new environment. He soon discovered he was not the only boy there, the man had a 7-year-old boy named Will and they immediately became friends. The kidnappers had carefully planned everything, including the fact that they would have to take him to another town far away from his home where no one knew him. In order to avoid detection, the kidnappers told everyone he was adopted and by all appearances they were a blended family, and no one ever questioned where he came from.

By the end of the first week he had become accustomed to his surroundings, the people, and especially his new friend Will. He especially liked the lady of the house she was kind, and always had special treats for him, and he especially liked it when she hugged him and whispered into his ear how much she loved him. However, he tried on several occasions to leave but the man always caught up with him and marched him directly into the house. He soon learned if he wanted to spend any time at all outdoors he had better not even think of leaving. Otherwise, he spent the rest of the day inside usually by himself and that sometimes made him feel very alone. As weeks passed into months he seldom thought about his old home or his friends that he was forced to leave behind. Now he had a new home, with new friends and something he never had before, his very own toys. He soon learned to like his new surroundings and obey the rules of the house. One day, shortly after his sixth birthday, the women felt it was time to tell him just why they kidnapped him. She started by speaking softly to him, telling him that she saw him often when they visited his hometown. She first noticed him when he was just about two or three years old sitting on the side of the road near their friends house. The woman s friend Ron lived across the street from his family. Ron told the woman that the family abused him and rarely if ever fed him, this broke the woman s heart. Whenever possible the woman would make a special effort to always seek him out when she visited her friend Ron. However, she also noticed as the months and years passed just how gaunt he was becoming, the sparkle had left his eyes and sadness showed in every step he took. On one occasion the woman noticed welt marks across his back. This was the last and final straw. The woman told him that she had made arrangements with her friend Ron to kidnap him, and take him to her home before he ended up crippled, or even a worse fate, dead. As he looked into the face of the woman, he saw tears streaming down her cheeks. He then reached up and gently kissed her tears away, realizing for the first time since he was kidnapped just how much these people loved him, especially the woman. He also knew how much they risked in kidnapping him, just to give him a better life, and he truly loved them both for what they did. After all, what more could a young Basset Hound named Fenton ask for, other than two people who really loved him, gave him a safe home, and made him a real part of their family for twelve years. .

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