Good Versus Evil


Good Versus Evil Essay, Research Paper

The concept of a battle between good and evil is ageless and has always been entertaining. Society has been drawn to this age-old idea for countless years. Even today people look for a damsel in distress, impatiently awaits as the hero labors through countless obstacles and works towards the goal everyone is hoping for, that he saves the day and is finally rewarded with his fair lady?s hand. The public looks for this in the books that they read and the movies and television shows that they choose to watch. Our culture caters to the people?s desires, repeatedly bringing this never-ending struggle into all our forms of entertainment. In Wilkie Collins? novel, The Women in White, Walter Hartright brings so much suspense and entertainment as he is forced to tackle numerous obstacles against the malicious villain who threatens the innocent love he shares with Laura Fairlie.

Collins follows the traditional structure of the war between good and evil, the author draws the reader in with the intrigue of a damsel in distress. Sir Percival Glyde wants to take advantage of Laura?s financial assets so she is unable to have any input into their marriage: ??Come! come! sign your name, and let us have done as soon as possible.?? When his wife has no financial influence it is much easier for Glyde to take advantage of her however he pleases. The loss of her money is the loss of any possibility for Glyde to respect his spouse and to take part in a mutual relationship. Glyde tries to put Laura down: ?I have no time to explain . . .Besides if I had time, you wouldn?t understand. It is purely a formal document-full of legal technicalities, and all that sort of thing.?? Only a weak, desperate and evil man uses bullying tactics against his wife. He is using his superiority to belittle her, no measure being too desperate to get a hold of her money. The loss of all of Laura?s control draws us in as we await her hero to come and rescue her.

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