Fuck You Bitch


Fuck You Bitch Essay, Research Paper

Dear Anne Landers,This article is in response to the Midwestern Realists article about today s American teenagers. I am 14, and am in 8th grade. It is completely unfair of you to make such a large generalization. I am in advanced math, and am getting pretty good grades in all of my classes. I always try to have good manners. I say please and thank you, and the whole nine yards. I do know a lot about computers, but I also know a lot of history literature. As far as the arts go, I am in concert band, jazz band, and have been in the Shakespeare festivals plays 4 years running. I don t drive yet but my 17-year-old brother does, and he drives fine. I don t think he s ever gotten a ticket. A lot of the music I listen to is jazz and I don t like rap. I know a lot of people between 17 and 24, and I don t think any of them smoke pot.

Oh, and my state Capital is Sacramento. Sincerely, j. s.

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