Death Of A Friend


Death Of A Friend Essay, Research Paper

It was February 15th, the morning my brother s best friend, Chris, took his life. I awoketo hear Chris girlfriend, Danica, screaming hysterically into the answering machine thatChris had shot himself and his blood and pieces of his head were all over the room. As Iwalked into the dark kitchen half-asleep, I thought I had only dreamed such a horriblevision. The lingering smell of garlic pasta we had eaten for dinner awoke helped merealize I was in a real nightmare. I then listened again and the screams and pain in hervoice stabbed my heart. Walking up the stairs to wake my brother seemed neverending,while images battered my mind with the tragedy and horror that ha taken place.

Knocking on his door, I felt my heavy hand was the knock of doom, and anxiety tookover as I screamed, Chris is dead! Chris is dead!! My brother sat up in bed, his eyesdisbelieving, his jaw dropped wide his face full of fear.. The clock on his wall ticked andtocked as the eerie stillness faded into reality. His face expressed a look of fear. Hejumped out of bed; hair, arms and legs everywhere. Flying down the stairs, he grabbedhis keys and sped out onto the icy driveway into the nightmare that the answeringmachine had played at 3:30 that morning.

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