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With today s million dollar contracts, athletes will go to any length to better themselves. Unfortunately, most of them choose the easy way out. By using performance enhancing drugs, athletes will remain one leg up over the competition. That is why, mandatory drug testing should be enforced on our pro athletes in order to detect such drugs like creatine.

Creatine is used almost everyday in sports. This supplement is known all around the word. What is does exactly is that creatine increases body mass and it enhances muscular performance. A study involving ten randomly picked men given 10 grams per day of creatine during a week showed a significant increase in lean body mass of about 1.75 kilograms and a 10-percent increase in strength. By consuming 10 grams of creatine per day, athletes will get more energy meaning that they will lift heavier weights leading to make bigger muscles and get stronger. That is why every pro athlete wants to use creatine. Also, because scientists still haven t found any short term side effects. The only side effect is overdosing, this could harm the liver in the long term. Creatine is found in our everyday meals like lean meat, steak and fish. The amount found is too little for results that is why pro athletes use supplements to reach the 10 grams limit per day.

Pro athletes like football players who use creatine could seriously enhance their overall performance. These pro athletes could become known all around the world with their artificial success. Then, they will sign million dollar contracts with big teams. All this because of the supplements they use.

These athletes are cheating their way threw. Their forgetting that it s the natural abilities and the pratice that counts. That s what makes one player better than the other.

Mark Mcgwire is the best example. He used a drug similar to creatine and the results were very good. Two straight seasons, he hit more than 50 homeruns. He even broke the record for the most homeruns hit in a season (70). Now, Mark Mcgwire is known all around world for his homeruns. He s appearing in commercials and getting advertised by the big companies like Nike. All this because of a drug called androstenedione. He s making tons of money and living the good life. Probably, deep down himself, he s feeling bad because he knows that his performance is artificial.

That is why, mandatory drug testing should be more enforced. We should find new ways to enforce it. We could try to make new laws, but laws are always made to be broken. My opinion is that the best way is to make tests every month for each athlete. It s the easiest way to find out if these athletes are consuming any drugs. The time period is also very relevant. No athlete could get amazing results in a month. This could really change athletic competitions.

The repercussions involving drug use in athletic competition should be very severe. If any athlete gets caught, they should be suspended for the rest of the season and, also, pay a big fine. We have to put an end to this nonsense. These sports are made to be fun. Now days, it s all about money. Athletes don t even care about winning, all they care about is their salary.

To conclude, mandatory drug tests every month is the best way to eliminate artificial success in pro sports. We should also look for other ways to solve this problem. Athletes are pushing this too far and it s time for an end.

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