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I honestly feel that the survey distributed by Chrysler Motors is a pretty effective overall. The cover letter starts off by thanking the customer and congratulating them on their purchase. This should grab almost every customer?s attention right away to at least read the page. They tell you in the letter that the survey is important to Chrysler to help make improvements. They also state that they want to give the consumer the very best possible level of service too. This helps make the recipient feel important in the process of making improvements to Chrysler as well.

I think that they did a good job of answering a common question that most consumers have right off the bat. They explained in the second sentence of the survey that they would not be sharing any information with any third parties at all. This will help the recipient of the survey feel a lot safer than if they didn?t know who would be seeing the information. It is also a good idea how they again show their appreciation for your time and energy to complete the survey. It was an inviting start before actually answering any questions. One more sentence I liked before you even answered a question was that they stated that it was OK not to answer every question. This lets the recipient understand that they don?t need to answer everything and that any information that they provide to Chrysler will be beneficial to the company.

The intent of this survey is for Chrysler to gain customer information on who is buying their vehicles, and how they rate the entire purchasing process. This includes rating the dealership, all the way down to the smallest problems with the vehicle. I think that with the questions that they have asked that they will pretty well meet their objective of the survey.

From a managerial standpoint, this survey can provide excellent information for decision making. It will let the manager?s know how the dealerships are operating, how the services aspect is coming across to consumers, and allows them to find bits and pieces of information that would be helpful to managers that they might not ordinarily here or see.

I think that the objective of this survey will be met completely. I also think that the survey will contribute a decent amount to relationship marketing too. For one, it shows that Chrysler is at least interested in hearing from its customers, and that is a good start for anybody. It then finds out detailed information about its consumers that it wouldn?t ordinarily have. They can log this information into a database for future mailings or offers that could be sent directly to the customer. Even small things such as a birthday card or a special offer can be delivered easily now with this information. Chrysler shows that they want to provide the best customer satisfaction through this survey. They get the customer involved which is almost always more highly responsive with customers. And they don?t have to exert a high amount of time or energy. By learning all this information listed, they can make the overall purchasing experience a better one for all customers from now on.

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