Black Magic


Black Magic Essay, Research Paper

More and more people are joining groups that practice black magic. The leader of The British Occult Society is convinced it is because many people are missing excitement in their daily lives. He is certain that these people are imagining that they in that way can experience things they have read about or are dreaming about.

Preachers in the Anglican Church are worried that black magic is attracting so many people. Many psychologists are afraid that people do not realise the danger of practising black magic. There is for example no doubt that people who are not in psychological balance are risking insanity.

Not much is known about what happens when these groups meet although there is evidence of crazy ceremonies taking place.

In books of the occult, one can read about witches performing sexual rituals. Now and again one hears about churches and graves being desecrated and there are even rumours of people being murdered under strange circumstances at such gatherings.

In the middle ages it was forbidden to practise black magic but today there are no law about you can’t get punished for that reason. It has though been pointed out that it again could be necessary to draw a line for the religious freedom.

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