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In today’s society it is very important to be well informed. With the Internet at our disposal this task becomes very simple. Information is the life -blood of the aviation industry. The more you know, in this field, the better your odds of being successful. Through the Internet it is easy to find aviation information. But I have discovered a small number of some pretty neat aviation web sites.

With the help of the Lycos Search engine I found five interesting sites on aviation. This site I found extremely informative. www.landings.com Has everything. On the Home page it has a good listing of interesting topics in the news along with a directory of everything in aviation. This site also includes Forums and aviation chat. www.conquestaviation.com is a must see. I would call it the yellow pages of aviation. It has links to every manufacturer in the aviation industry. It has a detailed list of every FAR. It even has links to aviation lawyers. www.fotoimages.com/aircraft is a neat little site containing many photos of plane on the ground and in action. It also contains a fairly difficult quiz, where you identify a number of military aircraft. http://afplanes.8m.com is another informative web site in the world of aviation. I would describe it as an encyclopedia of military aircraft. I also found an excellent news site www.avweb.com has up to the minute new in the aviation world.

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