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The biggest foreign market in the United States is the auto industry. The United States has brought the Japanese and Germans a huge fortune in the past thirty years.

The propsals, H.R. 5133 and S. 2300, would require that vehicles sold in the United States contain specified percentages of American-made parts and labor. The requirement would range from twenty five to ninty percent depending on how many vehicles the manufacturer sold in this country.

The United Auto Workers Union is the force behind the bill says that the plan would produce 870,000 jobs. That figure is close to the current total of unemployed workers in the domestic auto industry and its supplier companies.

A domestic content requirement would give foreign manufacturers a choice of slowing the exports, which would boost sales of domestic products, or using large amounts of American-made parts and labor in their car production. A spokesperson for Japan’s Nissan Company says, “It amounts to a quota bill because we certainly couldn’t meet a 90 percent requirement. It would all but eliminate

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