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Car insurance rate for teenage should be lowered as adults

In order to have the authority to drive, California’s law requires everyone must have a license and pay for car insurance. Three months ago, my boyfriend decided to buy me car insurance at Twentieth Century. We thought that it would be more expensive for me to pay on my own than to include my name with him on the same car. It turned out, the company excluded my name, because my experience was less than three years. Thus, they sent me another price to offer me with a newly cost 520 dollars per year while my boyfriend only spent half of my payment. It is too much for teenagers who are young and have little experience on driving record to pay such a tremendous amount on the car’s premium. I do not think teenagers should pay more money on car insurance than adults because not all-young drivers are dangerous on the road.

We cannot just assume on something that base on the standard problem to force someone to go through such a hardship. It is fair to pay something that you damage, but you shouldn’t pay for something that you didn’t cause to happen. I believe that many teenagers could distinguish what is right from wrong. They are also responsible people and willing to do whatever it takes. My friend, Duke is a representation for this particular situation. He recently got a ticket for stop sign, but he is willing to pay for it, “I would not let my parents responsible for me,” Duke said.

Duke wouldn’t learn if he didn’t pay for what he caused it. He knew what he had done a wrong thing; therefore he agreed to go through the consequences. It is the same to other teenagers as well. No one is different from the others, even if you are rich and the other is poor. There is always a cause and an effect of your actions. It is the same in this situation, even though the statistics that showed there is a high number of car accidents caused by majority of teenagers. One thing to remember that not all the teenagers caused it. So why should you pay for something that you didn’t mean to do?

Many teenagers have gone through a rough time dealing with this issue. They have to pay such a high rate for car insurance in order to drive to work, to school, or to run for their own errands. Sometimes, they have no other choice like my friend, Mike. He lives far away from school, and he doesn’t have a car yet. He used his bicycle as his transportation. He told me that it takes him thirty minutes to get to school. “It is alright to have this bike, but if I have a car that would be nicer,” Mike expressed. The car actually is not the main problem. Mike could afford to buy car, but expense for the insurance is so high for him to carry. He told me that he should not pay, because he didn’t do anything that violates the law, “whoever got involved with car accidents should be paid, not me.” Students found a hard time to go to school from a long distance commute everyday. Besides, some students have to work, and do some other things as well. I used to travel from Livermore to San Jose State every morning, and tried to get to school on time. I was force in danger to drive without paying my car insurance because I didn’t feel like I should have to. I will not pay for something that I didn’t get into any accidents before. It is bad enough to put a lot of effort for school. Being as students like us, how much more we could do? Could you imagine if we didn’t have a car? It is very tough if your family has such a low income, “we barely have food to eat,” said Mike. His family has been living here for almost ten years now, but he hardly could afford to buy a car to drive around just like anyone else. He was so sad when he said it to me. I understood how he felt because I can relate to his situation. In addition, it is too much for Mike to put up with it, while someone else who has his parents pay for everything. Obviously, that person doesn’t have to work that hard as Mike. He doesn’t need to worry how much he should pay, but to Mike, it is a big issue.

May be teenagers have no luck, because the evident claimed that high car accidents on the road were caused by careless, risky teenagers, than adults. However, it is not true that all teenagers have no potential to drive, but other adults also caused many accidents.

If the price should be stayed the same as adults, it would make Mike’s life as well as many others much easier. They wouldn’t have to worry much about the car. There are some irresponsible teenagers on the road, but there are some good drivers like Mike who would take care of his own problem and very responsible person. I would suggest that the car insurance company should have a reward for good driver such as Mike who has no history record before. It would be a good reputation for the company, and it could benefit them in the future by getting more customers as well.

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