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The setting of the short story ?Sweat?, by Zora Neale Hurston, is vital in order to

receive understanding. This short story took place in the 1920-1930?s. The location of the

story was Eatonville, Florida in Spring.

The main character of this story was also its protagonist. Delia, meaning goddess

of the hunt, loyal and humble, was a God-fearing woman who goes through some trials in

her life, but knows that God will handle it. Delia Jones, representing every woman, is a

housewife who works for white people. She is very organized and did every job to the

best of her ability.

Sykes, meaning sickness, is the antagonist and Delia?s husband. Sykes is a

morally-deprived individual, who seems lost. This philanderer seems to do anything and

everything in his power to hurt Delia, without any regard for her feelings. He was an

adultrist who has the ?guts? to bring the woman to the Delia?s house. Sykes promises

Delia?s things to Bertha, his mistress. He wants desperately to get rid of Delia.

These are many supporting roles in ?Sweat?, including Bertha, the woman Sykes

participated in an affair. Jim Merchant, Joe Lindsay, Joe Clarke, Elijah Mosely, and Old

Man Anderson played supportive, yet important, roles. These names were symbolic of

average people, and each character added suspense and liveliness to this short story.

?Sweat? could have several different theme. Some people say that Zora Neale

Hurston is trying to show how everyone gets their ?just deserts? in due time, meaning

?what?s comes around, goes around.?. Others say the author is displaying the fact that all

people, no matter how good

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