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Afghanistan is one country, which has suffered greatly at the hands of war.

Afghanistan has been hit hard by every possible catastrophe in the last twenty

years ? displacement, economic deterioration, sanctions, border controls,

increased poverty and now one of the worst droughts that the world has ever

seen. Such a combination of disasters would destroy any country. After the

end of the Russian war in Afghanistan, where the Afghani?s won against the

Russians, civil war erupted all over the country. Different religious groups

from all over the countryside came up to take reign of the country the two

better known being Taliban and the Shiaite regime. According to the United

Nations, by June 2001 almost half of the Afghani population will be affected

by the drought. Three to four million people may be severely affected and

another eight two twelve million people will be moderately affected. In

Afghanistan only an estimated 23% of the population has access to safe

drinking water, 12% has access to adequate sanitation and only 19% of the

rural dwellers have access to clean water. The only solution that the people of

Afghanistan have against the drought is to either flee to neighbouring countries

Pakistan and Iran, who themselves are facing a severe economic crisis or to

depend upon the international community to send them aid to help them get

through the drought.

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