Stress In The Work Place


Stress In The Work Place Essay, Research Paper

Stress in the Work Place. How to Create a Productive and Healthy Work Environment.

Under the author’s perspective, the justification of studying stress in organizations is due to its effect, positive or negative, on the efficiency and vitality of employees and organizations as a whole. Stress is a common denominator in organizations all over the world. Furthermore, some developed countries have indeed increased its levels of stress among employees in alarming rates.

Under this perspective, the author seeks to find the elements needed to reduce stress in the organization, and also to maintain the health and vitality of workers in the organization. To answer these, the following five suggestions are introduced:

a) If in a leadership position, carefully determine whether organization restructuring is in the best interests of your company – and the employees. To explain this point, the author claims that most of corporate America’s restructuring in the way of layoffs, brings poor productivity results and in most cases low impact on earnings or stock performance. On the other hand, layoffs produce serious moral problems caused by restructuring. The first to be directly affected are obviously the employees who are laid off. For these people, the author suggests close contact with the dismissed employees in the form of counseling and instruments focused at helping them to obtain new positions at other organization. The author continues by commenting that not only the employees that are leaving are the ones affected but also the ones that stay. The reason for this is the degree of uncertainty that lay offs produce on the employees and management that stay in the organization. To upset this problem, the author suggests a thorough explanation of the financial and operational reason for “right-sizing” the organization.

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