Something Evil


Something Evil Essay, Research Paper

Something Evil

In the world there are so many large things that people find evil that they just completely over look the minute. When most people are taking about war and other things that they have no control over they should be looking to the more local issues. When asked to write this paper I didn t know what to write so I consulted a couple of students and they all told me the same types of things war, pollution, and cutting down the rain forest. To me those are acts of evil that we brought upon ourselves. If it weren t for us these things would never have happened. True evil though is horrible from the get go. In my opinion one of the most evil forms ever put on this earth, comes in the shape of an insect, not just any insect though. This is the most hideous of them all. He is the purest form of evil, in every way. This little spec of life does nothing for the whole day except attempt to remove the very juices that make us live. Sucking and draining, draining and sucking, that s his daily agenda. The worst part about this bug is that it only comes at the wrong times. Just after you jumped out of the pool and are drying off, you will always get bit. When you have that family picnic in the woods, and thought you didn t need to bring the OFF, you were wrong. Not only do they suck your blood like a hungry vampire, but they also carry disease. So now they don t just make a withdrawal they make a deposit, too. If you think that there might be some other form that is equal to the evil of this beast, then I guess that you have never seen a MOSQUITO.

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