Do You Believe Evil Has A Right


Do You Believe Evil Has A Right To Exist? Essay, Research Paper

Do you believe evil has a right to exist?

My answer to this question truly lies in the definition of exist. Webster?s Pocket Dictionary defines exist as ?to have actual being or reality.? Now in my mind this question gives evil a physical quality. This physical quality implies that it can live or die. I do not believe evil can do either. Evil is not mortal, nor immortal, so in my mind it cannot exist. Evil is a condition of mankind. It is therefore part of society, but evil is not a definable, tangible thing with rights. It is simply a condition that man creates on his own free will. Evil does preside in our society and I suppose an argument could be made that mankind, as a whole, would be better off if evil was not present. Unfortunately evil is present in our everyday lives and because it is not a physical material thing it cannot be killed or die off.

Do you believe yourself to be above the law at anytime?

I will define law to mean governmental rules and regulations. Man is placed in a contract with the government. If the government does not fulfill it?s part of the contract then man is above the law. The Declaration of Independence states, ?That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.? Every revolution is an example of the people putting themselves above the law.

Would you be willing to do anything for loves sake?

This is a very deep question. One must first examine the definition of love. Is it ?true? love? Is it a passion? Will the flame die out over time? Now lend yourself to the meaning of anything. Anything is a broad range. It includes lying, cheating and stealing. It could include death. I do not think this is something I am willing to commit myself to. Even for loves sake I would not take my own life, or the life of another person. One should examine their conscience and weigh their options before they commit to such a bold statement.

Does a person?s worth derive from who they are or from what they do?

This question seems to circle around itself. I believe that a person?s worth is derived from what they do. However, to further this statement I would say that who they are is defined by what they do. This leaves a bridge between a person?s worth and who they are. Perhaps all three are intertwined. The way mankind measures a person?s worth has a definite correlation with what mankind sees that person do. However, people choose to do things based on their interests, passions, needs and wants, all of which make a person who they are.

Is there a difference between intellectual inquiry and simple curiosity?

Defining the differences between intellectual inquiry and simple curiosity is difficult. I would say that intellectual inquiry implies that man is trying to expand upon the knowledge he already has. Intellectual inquiry is goal oriented. You set the goal based on the knowledge you already have. On the other hand simple curiosity is also the quest for knowledge but it seems to be based on naivety. Simple curiosity is a more free-wheeling process. It just takes you to wherever it leads. You are just trying to learn something, but not because you already have a background of information to use with it.

Would you be willing to participate in a revolution?

This question correlates with the second question in many ways. I again cite the Declaration of Independence, ?when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariable the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government.? Man must realize that revolting becomes necessary when such offense is taken toward the common good of mankind. When the government does not fulfill it?s duties then it is the people obligation to revolt against this government. Every man should be willing to participate in a revolution.

In what kind of community would you like to live?

This is the easiest question I have to face. I could not ask for a better community than I live in at the present time. I love my home. My neighbors are caring and respectful. They help out when needed and they support and defend each other. My community at home is thoughtful and kind. They are hard working people who do not let work take over their lives. They are loving, parent-like figures to all the children of the neighborhood. My neighbors approach tasks as a team, keep the area clean, and lend a their hands to the elderly members of the area. I want to live in the community I am surrounded by right now. I love my neighbors.


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