Sibling Rivalry


Sibling Rivalry Essay, Research Paper

Sibling Rivalry

Every now and then, someone wishes for something without weighing out all of the pros and cons. We don?t usually hear someone say, ? I wish I had to fight for a hot shower, hide brushes, hunt for clothes, and struggle to use the phone.? But, we do hear them say, ? I wish I had some brothers and sisters.? Believe it or not, each of these statements means the exact same thing. I should know. I lived with four females in one house for seventeen years. Needless to say, each and every day was a war.

Every morning at five a.m., the alarm clock would sound to start the ?Lowry House Derby.? Each of us would jump from our beds and flee to the bathroom. It was imperative to reach the shower first or at least be second in line because of the limited hot water supply. The other three were doomed to make a decision, an icy cold bath or no bath. Second was the always-dreaded task of finding a brush. We all bought brushes on a regular basis and even branded them with our names, but come morning time they had all grown legs and walked away. If one of us did find a brush the discovery was kept quiet until we finished using it. Then, the brush was given to whoever hadn?t, yet, stepped on our toes that morning. Next, we had the occasional borrowing-of-the-clothes-without-asking. This made getting dressed a time consuming and ill-mannered task. Spots, tears, and even color fading were blamed on the borrower. Finally, as each of us raced out the door, to school and work, the ?Lowry House Derby? took a short break.

As we arrived back home from our eight-hour obligations, the derby would slowly resume its course. Now, it was time to flee toward the phone. We all had an emergency use for the phone that was, somehow, always more important than the other?s. Next, came time for homework. This was one of the few times we would pull together. We would each help with subjects that baffled the others. After our study time, the race to the bathroom would be on again. Though, this time it was to wash our faces and brush our teeth. This bathroom race took a lot longer than the morning shower pursuit. We all had to wash, exfoliate, mask, and moisturize our faces, not to mention floss, gargle, and brush our teeth. But finally, the derby would come to its conclusion as we kissed and told everyone good night, crawled into bed, and drifted off to sleep.

All of the chaos was a headache while living there. I was constantly wishing to be an only child. But the truth is, now that I have moved out, I find myself missing that lively life. I even miss being blamed for color fading. Having siblings is a unique gift, even when it means living with four feisty females in one house.

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