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EDUCATIONUniversity of Iowa

B.S. in Physics., expected May 2002

WORKWinter ?99, Summer ?00

EXPERIENCEAssistant Manager

- Handling all customer service responsibilities.

- Calculating and distributing payroll to employees.

- Sorting and ordering all inventory.

Summer ?99

Administrative Assistant

- Analyzing data sheets and past invoices.

- Providing sales representatives with demographics and


- Creating reports with extensive use of Excel.

Winter ?98

Consultant Intern

- Presenting Northwest Community Hospital with innovative

ideas to reduce overhead.

- Training other employees with the use of new programs.

- Calculating growth and saving provided by our staff.

Winter ?97, Summer ?98

Sales Representative

- Providing clients with friendly service.

- Assisting managers with inventory of company stock.

- Supplying customers with different styles of clothing to suit their


COMPUTER Operating Systems:Windows 95, 98, 2000. Unix

SKILLSPrograms: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access,

Front Page, Outlook Express, Adobe

Photoshop 5.5, Flash 4.

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