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One of the physical regions in New Jersey is a piedmont. The Atlantic Coastal Plain Piedmont Ridge, and Valley region and high land have different land. They are also regions. Some of New Jersey s biggest cities are in Piedmonts. Some piedmont cities in New Jersey are Newark, Jersey City, Elizabeth, East Orange, Hoboken, Passaic, Clifton, Paterson, and Union City. New Jersey s two largest industries are drugs and pharmaceuticals. Another name for the piedmont region is the Newark Basin. The piedmont has much of New Jersey s industries. Most of the oil refineries in the world are in Linden. Many electric products such as television, radios, lamps, stoves, and motors are made in Union, Hudson, and Essex counties. Plastics, pharmaceuticals, and other chemical products are made in piedmont areas. Piedmont soil is among the best in New Jersey. Some of that soil was used to farm on until homes, factories, and shopping centers sprang up in place of the corn stalks and strawberries. Newark is the largest city in the region and in the state. Piedmont contains more than half of New Jersey s people even though it is only about one fifth of the state s area.

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