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The situation in Baltics is a terrible ordeal. NATO is attempting to help Serbians get through to the serbians and get them to sign a peace agreement. It is not yet successful. Yugoslavias president is becoming rattled, but not stopped. Every day many albanians and even serbs are dying. NATO refuses to stop bombing until the president agrees to a peace plan that he already rejected. The whole ordeal led me to one realization…its a crazy crazy world we live in. Kosovo is a province of Serbia, which is a republic of Yugoslavia. Belgrade is Yugoslavia’s capital. Pristina is the capital of the province of Kosovo. About 90% of the Kosovans are of Albanian and not Serbian origin, and the Serbs want Kosovo to become and independant country. The Serbs want it to remain part of Serbia. But the problem is The Serbs want teh Albanians out and they wont stop until they get what they want. In order for the Kosovo push for Independence, the Serbs have been building up a terrible war against Kosovo for months. In Febuary, both sides began a peace meeting. By March 19, the Kosovans agreed to sign a peace meeting. Serbia led by President Slohodan Milosevic, refused. The talks were ended. On March 23 NATO got involved calling for air strikes against the Serbs, with teh U.S. providing much of the man power and military force.

Albanians are being forced to leave their homes, belongings and family members. 400,000 refugees from Kosovo have fled. They are being treated like the 6 million Jews that ahd died in the Holocaust. Only getting a little bit of food every day at the places they resort to for safety. Serb soldiers intrude into homes and demand that when they return shortly they better be out of the house or they will get killed. Many people have died already and theirs no telling how long this will go on for.

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