Nato Vs Serbia


Nato Vs. Serbia Essay, Research Paper

If NATO continues to bomb Serbia, they will be causing serious trouble. They should just mind their own business before any other altercations occur. NATO is just a big act, because their not even putting their full effort into helping Kosovo. This is just a big stunt to make NATO look good. But they’re not looking good for they are not just killing the Serb leaders but many civilians. NATO should discontinue bombing.

Why does NATO even bother bombing? I’ll tell you why; They want to look good. They’re not putting any bit of an effort into helping Kosovo anyway. Did you know that it took NATO’s “massive air campaign” 16 days to deliver the same number of strikes against Serbia as the U.S. itself did against Iraq in the 1991 gulf war? This is pathetic. Only 15% of launched aircrafts carry war loads. The rest fly support. What is the point of having 416 aircrafts if only 60 of that 416 carry war loads? Is the truth that NATO can’t, or won’t, defeat a mere 7 million Serbs. We greatly outnumber the Serbs. NATO could defeat the Serbs if they sent ground troops, but they don’t want to risk the deaths of any of them. They only think about themselves. What can NATO do other than kill hundreds of civilians?

Why can’t NATO just mind their own business? They’re only giving the Serbs another reason to attack. What will NATO do if the war doesn’t stop? The Serbs are not going to quit until NATO kills them all. They won’t give up without a proper fight. What will NATO do if the Serbs agree to stop, and then when NATO get’s all their forces back home the Serbs attack Kosovo again? Will NATO bring all their forces back? What will NATO do if the Serbs get the Russians and other countries to be allies with them? There will be World War 3 and surely NATO would have no chance against the awesome force of the Serbs, the Russians, and maybe the Germans.

NATO is not only killing the Serb leaders but is also murdering civilians. NATO has already bombed two full busses of civilians. NATO air strikes have already two jail members and four other people. NATO also dropped a bomb on a broadcasting station. What is with NATO? If they are the best force there is on this earth, how can they manage to murder all these civilians?

We must stop NATO. We must stop their killing of civilians. We must get them to mind their own business. There must be an end to all this massacre and death. We must do something before it’s too late. Before there is World War 3

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