My Mothers Ghost


My Mothers GhostBook Report Essay, Research Paper

What makes this novel a mystery? (5 marks) This novel is a mystery because Jess thinks she is seeing ghosts which she tries to figure out who they are and what happened at Willow Creek Ranch so long ago to Ian and the Shaw s. Describe how the book ended. (10 marks) Choose one main character. Answer the questions below with as much detail as possible. .What does s/he look like? (5 marks) Jess has brown hair, blue eyes and is skinny. .What are his/her character traits (i.e. what kind of person is s/he) Use examples from the text to support your answer. (15 marks) She is a curious person who must know the conclusions to things and must know a full story of something. This story would have been boring if she was not a curious person because she would have never pursued the story of Ian Shaw. An example of her being a person who must know the end or the full story to something is in chapter 24 where she is going crazy because of the fact that Ian Shaw had ended the story in his journal right in the middle of a conflict with his mother. .What do you and s/he have in common? (Or: what do you like about this character?) (5marks) One thing that me and Jess have in common is the fact that we cannot know part of a story. Once something gets interesting, we must know the end. An example of this is in chapter 24 where she is raged to know that Ian Shaw had ended his journal right in the middle of a conflict with his mother.

Another thing that we have in common is that we both have a father who doesn t care much about us. An example of this is early on in the novel where Jess falls off of the horse and instead of worrying about her, he just yells at her. What is you favorite part of the book? Describe the scene and explain why you like this part. (5 marks) My favorite part of the book is when Jess falls off of the horse. This actually isn t my favorite part of the book, it s just the part of the book which stuck in my mind the most because it shows Jess s bad relationship with her father which reminds me a lot of myself. What is your opinion of this book? Would you recommend it and why? (5 marks) This book is good for anyone with a lot of patience. Three quarters of the beginning of the book was very boring. Chapter 19 is where this book finally gets interesting and where I actually felt like continuing the book. I found that Ian s part of the story a lot more interesting than Jess s (probably because there is no such thing as a boring journal). For this book I gave it a two out of five rating because it doesn t really have people that I can relate to very much (which is one of the reason s this book was boring).

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