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Many people do not believe in ghosts or laugh when people say that you saw a ghost. Yet, for those that don?t believe, researchers say that at least 50 million Americans, or 20% of the population, have had one or more after death communication experiences with ghosts or spirits and the actual numbers may be closer to double these figures now!

A ghost can be described as a form of recording like a audio or videotape. A ghost simply has no life or force left in it. Ghosts simply play the same scene over and over again. The ghost consists of left behind energy by a person, or even an animal. That is because if a person repeats or performs repetitious acts for long periods of time, he or she will have left a psychic impression in that area. This impression may stay around in a certain area after the person has moved or is even dead. These ghost usually have clearly seen facial features and even a body odor or the sent of cologne.

There are three types of ghosts. The first type can be seen just like a normal living person but their image is usually cloudy. Sometimes people can only see their head and shoulders, but at other times the whole body can seem completely normal, no matter what the cause of death.

The second type of experience is an animal ghost: especially of a loved family pet. Many people believe that only the intelligent animals have souls. The most common pets that come back as a ghost form are dogs, cats, and horses. Researches say if people have great love for an animal and constantly grieve the loss of their pet, this will have the same effect as dying a sudden or violent death, and this will cause the animal to come back and live with them for a shot period of time. There have been some case studies that have shown that people had experiences with cats rubbing up and down their leg and a ball of yarn getting played around with like there really was a cat there.

There are four different reasons why ghosts do come back. The first reason is if the person dies suddenly with little warning, like a car accident. Second, a person can be kept on this world because of an unkept promise they made to a loved one, like they said they were going to ask there loved one to get married. Third, he or she had some unfinished business that was not yet finished, this usually happens with a loved one, like they made a promise to them and they never got to fulfill that promise. Fourth, if they were murdered at an untimely point in their life.

The third type of experience is the most common contact and many people just think their imagining it. This form is called sensing ones presence. People can experience this when someone that is close to them died and they sense that there loved one is nearby, even though he or she can?t be seen or heard. This the most common form of contact felt days, weeks, months, or even years after a loved one dies.

Spirits differ from ghost in many ways. A spirit is the actual living essence or soul of the person that has remained after their body has died. Spirits, unlike ghosts, can communicate with the living. The first way they can do this would be though dreams. Although this is a rare occurrence, a spirit can make itself appear as an apparition or make small items physically move. Another way they can communicate with the living is threw psychic communication. This usually happens frequently in a place where the deceased spent his or her time. They say that sudden and unexplained feeling of sadness or melancholy are the most common indications if the sprit is encountered in one room.

The results show that when a person sees a ghost it usually depends on the type of situation that the person is in. If a loved one dies and the person comes back to see the loved one, some people feel a warm sensation that is very close to them and that sometimes help them not to grieve as much. This make people think of all the fun times of their loved one and this makes them feel more at ease. In other cases when people see ghosts they automatically freak out even if it doesn?t cause any harm. The reason for this reaction is because the people aren?t exposed to this everyday and it makes them very terrified.


Paranormal Experiences

I. Introduction

II. Types of Paranormal experiences

A. Ghost

1. People

2. Animals

3. Senses

B. Sprits

1. Dreams

2. Psychic communication

III. Reasons for manifestation

A. Sudden death

B. Broken Promises

C. Unfinished business

D. Untimely murder

IV. Debate over weather ghosts exist

A. Pro

B. Con

V. Conclusion

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