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I am certainly not impressed of my first impressions of Herr Edward Keller, a boozer, the cheap ruined leather, and his eyes, his eyes are the weirdest, they scare me the most. That person is my so called ?tutorer.?

As for him being my piano tutorer , I despise his way of teaching, he is enigmatic, accentuated, and districtive. The one and only purpose of me assenting him in my life is because we both share the passion of music. However there?s a reference for his intellect, but at the same time his pride is hurt and his emotions wounded; his obsessive methodology oftenly makes the people around him indignant. He overstates his anxiety and opinion which makes it unclear and compulsive to me.Most of what is bitter to me is the manner, the manner he speaks to me with; the way he forces his undesired opinion on me, like I?m lacking some sort of dignity, proving himself to be respectful, which is totally the other way round. His style, his language, his manner, his misbehavior his way of socializing, it?s him, all him, that?s really getting to me, his obsession with music, and ?chopin? in other words; but like I said before, and I?ll say it again, I am drawn to keller, only and only as a consequence of our neutral interest, that is- our passion for music.

I often consider Keller to be an urbane, sort of concealed gentleman. He is mixed with emotions, in which he is wounded by his past. Which on the other hand, I at times don?t completely blame him for his vulgarity.

Darwin. Darwin! Oh what am I to say about Darwin?! A city of booze, blow and blasphemy?..of drifters, misfits and wife bashers. That is a common quote my father would often repeat, he forsees Darwin of a low-culture and him being of a high-culture. Which I partly agree with.

When I first began school, I was intimidated from bullies in my scjool, my so called friend Bennie, yes he was my fake friend! He was! In fact I?ve never enjoyed Bennie?s company; he?s something like weird. I continuously refused any public association with him. I even refused to play duets with him. I just kept company with him for the sake of it?and because I had no other choice. The main reason why I turned my back on him is because, I joined another talented group of friends, which I think, that is where I belong! I associated them because they were much popular , and much cooler , they consider my friendship as useful to their group, for I know much more piano than they do! And I would benefit them in music. Although, sometimes I feel that somehow I don?t fit in. But at other times I feel that I?m adapted to their environment. I want to be popular! There?s nothing wrong with being popular, and if the opportunity is open for me, then why not? Bennie is just not my type and he never was. I may have hurt him in a way, but I know that the sooner he finds out I?m not enjoying his company, the better. I just hope that one day he?ll find the type of friends he could adapt to. Although he might not feel the same way about me.

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