Japanese Education Reflecting Their Culture


Japanese Education Reflecting Their Culture Essay, Research Paper

Education in Japan, one will find various insights into Japanese culture. Japans approach to education reflects Japanese values.Modern Japan is quite an amazing place where people act proper and have great values. The Japanese people have a value system that can be reflected well by there educational system. Three main values are easily seen when you look at how Japanese schools function and are how they are structured. Respect is an everyday presence, proper presentation is always apparent, and effectiveness is seen, used, and unparalleled to the rest of the world.

Respect is a very strong part of culture in Japan. It is definitely a main value and is obvious if you visit any Japanese department stores.You are respected almost anywhere you go and are bowed to and greeted whenever you enter stores and elevators. This is also true to the rest of Japan. Respect can be seen in virtually all parts of the country and a good example would be when it rains by these department stores, associates hand out plastic bags to keep your umbrellas contained and clean. This is done as a courtesy to you. It is just an example of how you are even respected in stores.

Another value that is constantly seen is organization and good presentation. This is for good reason too, there are an amazing amount of people on the island, and organization of the living space, is an essential part to the survival with Japan?s current population. Proper presentation is seen when you buy items at these stores. When you buy any good it is wrapped beautifully and made ready for what ever event you need it to attend or use. This type of service always pleases people when they shop and reflects the way people are in Japan.

Effectiveness in Japan is also another great human value there. With the space restrictions of an island Japan needs to be effective all throughout the stores and the island. The layout of stores is always very precise and well thought out. Food and material goods are sectioned by floors. and help is extremely divided throughout the stores. Help can be found at any counter inside these stores. For convenience and speed restaurants are also located on the top floors of these department stores. It makes it very effective to shop then eat; this saves time which is a precious commodity to the Japanese.

Overall the Japanese have good morals and values that can be seen through out even basic places as department stores in Japan. That says a lot about the Japanese people, and it definitely shows how widespread the values are are there. Respect, organization, and effectiveness all intertwine with one another and make a society that is smart and competent. These values make up the basic parts of a very strong culture that is influential to the whole world.

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