Importance Of Physical Fitness In Life


Importance Of Physical Fitness In Life Essay, Research Paper

If a sensible man is asked to answer the question as to what he does prefer, health or wealth, naturally he will answer without much hesitation ‘Health’ because wealth without a good health becomes useless.

The westerners pay more attention to their health than the people of the orient. In b\Britain they have the Central COuncil of Physical Recreation, the Scottish Council of Physical Recreation, the National Playing Fields Association. THe function of these various bodies is to keep the nation fit, not only physcially but mentally alert also.

In modern education, physcial education and training forms part of the curriculum. In singapore schools, physical training is imparted to the young with the view to keep the young fit so that the future citizens of the country will be healthy.

Only by enjoying good health can we think of enjoying wealth. Physical fitness is a must to both the young and old. THe best time to have exercise is early in the morning and late in the evening. If we cannot have a strenuous exercise, it is better to have at least a free hand exercise daily. In som countries like India and Britain, the yoga exercises are practised by some people. It is said that the best form of physical exercise is to stand on one’s head. Experiments have proved that this exercise enables the man to get the required movements of the inner as well as outer organs and the result is man is also made mentally alert.

People who do not take regular physical exercise are the ones who easily fall ill. The diseases such as diabetis and rheumatism can be prevented if we take regular physical exercises.

A body without exercise can be compared to a machine that is kept inactive. Inactivity will lead to the machine getting rusty and in the long run becoming ueseless, so also is it the case with human body. The Japanses are an envy to the rest of the world. From a very young age the children of Japan are trained in Physcial fitness and the result is tremendous. Japan has one of the healthiest populations in the world and the mortality rate in Jpaan is low.

Needless to say, physcial fitness is imperative evn among women and many of them do not seem to realise the importance of this. It is a folly to be so.

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