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? the evil one is the most interesting character?Shakespeare?s Iago is one of Shakespeare?s most complex

villains. At first glance Iago is pure evil. Perhaps the most interesting

character in the tragic play ?Othello? by William Shakespeare is ?honest Iago?

during the play Iago uses carefully thought out words and actions which enable

him to manipulate others and do things in a way which benefits him and move

closer to his goals.Iago is the main character in this play and direct how the

play goes which pushes Othello and everyone else towards their tragic end. As

you can see Iago is not your ordinary villain. Iago wants to seek revenge on

Othello because he wanted to become a lieutenant and Cassio got it before him

and he keeps telling everyone that he should be lieutenant because he

accomplished more job than Cassio. Iago uses the word ?the moor? and ?I hate

the moor? replacing Othello?s name, which show signs of hatred and racism.The role he plays is in a way is unique and complex. He is

smart which is more than we expect, he is an expert judge and knows people very

well and uses this as an advantage. For example he knows that Roderigo is in

love with Desdemona and know he would do anything to have her. Iago says to

Roderigo ?thus do I ever make my fool my purse? by playing with his hopes he is

able to swindle money and jewels from him.Iago is a quick thinker and improvise when something

unexpected occurs. Like when Cassio takes hold of Desdemona?s hand just before

the arrival of Othello, Iago says, ?with a little a web as this will ensure as

great a fly as Cassio? his cunning and craftiness make him a truly dastardly

villain indeed. Though out the play Iago is knows and called ?honest Iago? at

one point in the play he even says this himself ?I am a honest man?. Iago is a

master of deceiving, during the play people rarely stop to consider the

possibility that Iago is deceiving or manipulating them. But from the start he

makes a fool out of Roderigo and taking advantage of him. Roderigo remarks ?that

thou Iago, who hast my purse as if the string were thine? though out the play

Iago leads Roderigo by the collar professing that? he hates the moor? and make

money from him and takes all the gift Roderigo told Iago to take to her.

Eventually Roderigo questions Iago?s honesty and say? I think it is getting a

bit scurvy and begin to find himself fopped in it? Iago quickly simply offers

to kill Cassio to aid his course, Roderigo blindly falls for it. This again

shows us how good a thinker Iago is and he improvise when something unexpected

happens. Such a villain with his smart mind controls the play, which makes it

more interesting.For someone who constantly lies and deceives one wife and

friends this shows us that he is extremely evil or, in Iago?s case amoral. In

every scene in which Iago speaks you can point out his deceptive manner (Q) Iago tricks Othello into believing that his own wife

is having an affair without any evidence. Othello is so caught up with Iago?s

lies he refuses to believe Desdemona when she denies the whole thing. Iago must

be given credit for his diabolical prowess that enables him to twist and bends

the mind of his friends.Iago manages to steal from his own friends without the

feeling of guilt. However, someone with a conscience would never be able to

keep up with such a play and deceive everyone around him. That is why it is

necessary to say that Iago is amoral, because if you don?t his character

becomes fictional and hard to believe.As you can see Rodrigo was not his only victim, Cassio as

well was fooled by Iago?s evil plans to get revenge. Cassio was to, gullibly to

believe what Iago said like the others. Cassio like Roderigo followers Iago

blindly thinking that the whole time that Iago is trying to help him when he

said that Desdemona can help you when you was terminated as lieutenant. Iago

says? she holds it a vice in her goodness not to be more than a requested? this

then leads poor Cassio to a dark path. Yet Cassio followers Iago words telling

him? you have advise me well? this leads to a trap where Roderigo kills him.Iago get so low he is capable of anything. Othello holds

Iago to be his close friends and advisor. He believe Iago to be a person? of

exceeding honesty, knows all qualities with learned sprit of human dealing? yes

he does know all about human dealing, but he is not honest which than leads to

Othello death.????? ?????? ?

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