How To Taste Wine


How To Taste Wine Essay, Research Paper

How to Taste Wine

First, bring the glass down to a normal level and, while holding the stem, swirl the glass rapidly. This will increase the surface area of the wine by allowing it to move up the sides of the glass. This also helps to release the volatile chemicals of the wine into the air.

Second, stop swirling. Insert your nose into the glass and inhale by taking quick, full sniffs. Some people prefer to take short sniffs, some prefer to just stick their nose in and leave it there for a while. Determine any off-odors, identify any grape aroma and rank the strength of the aroma.

Third, analyze the aroma further. Try to detect the smell of fruity or floral notes. Decide what they remind you of if possible. Next, note the presence of spices, such as pepper, anise, cinnamon, vanilla, tea or possibly nuts. Finally, note the presence of other aromas, such as cedar, oak, chocolate, tobacco, smoke, tar, mushrooms, etc..

Fourth, sip a small amount of wine and move it over your entire tongue so that all your taste buds come in contact with it. The trick to tasting wine is to allow the aromas of the wine to enter your nasal passageway at the back of your throat. Some people pucker their lips and suck in a small amount of air through the wine. Others find it easier to chew

The wine as if it were food. Both of these methods will force the aromas of the wine through the nasal passage and will increase your experience of the wine.

Fifth, note how long the flavors remain in your mouth after you’ve swallowed the wine. This is called length. Some wines can have up to one minute of length. Also be aware of any overbearing presence of alcohol. A wine should have enough balance that you’re barely aware of the alcohol in it.

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