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Textbooks can often prove to offer only a limited amount of information. Space and time constraints place the author(s) of these textbooks in a sticky situation. They must get the general concept through without taking up to much space. However, this can sometimes push out relevant material that van help to support the general concept. The chapter suggests that young adult literature can help to make up for this missing piece of the puzzle. Outside literary readings, separate from the text yet connected through a general theme, can be useful in making the concept more palatable, comprehensible, and memorable.

As a history teacher, historical fiction can be a major asset in helping me to help the students better understand the content area. It helps the student to appreciate the importance of the content through the eyes of actual human beings. It brings what they have learned in their text down to a humanistic level that they can better understand. By making clear the ideas and themes that directly relate to the textbook, students will be better able to put that information into context.

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