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The US Army Reserve Personnel Center is in need of upgrading its information technology. Currently, the workers are having trouble with their existing mainframe system, and sharing information. Documents must be printed out in order to view formats. Personnel must go the basement for printouts, and AS400 maintenance.

The Army is in the position to upgrade their system to the current industry standards. Almost every employee is in need of their own personal computer capable of various software applications, communications, and database technology.

The new information system will be user friendly, and will include the Windows NT environment, personal computers, Oracle database applications, Microsoft Office, digital camera, high-speed laser printer, and scanners, fax servers, laser and color printers. The old AS400 will be replaced with a new AS400E connected by an NT server for network access. Information created will have the ability to be shared among fellow workers as needed. The new AS400 will be located in an accessible area instead of the basement. Each floor will have at least color and laser printer so that personnel are not traveling to the basement for printouts.

The Army has hired the Software Reengineering Company (SRC) to reengineer their information systems. SRC will have three months to complete this project. During this time, each employee will attend training courses on Microsoft office applications. They will complete courses in Excel, Word, Outlook Mail, and PowerPoint applications.

The Army’s desired office environment includes the ability to share files, reports, and other documents. Workers will have access to common databases, coordinate group meetings, and share resources such as high-speed laser printers, scanners, and a fax server.

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