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The Holy Eucharist is the sacramental renewal, the making present under signs of

bread and wine, of the sacrificial death of Jesus, the Lamb of God, by whose

blood we are delivered from sin and death. The Holy Euch arist is the Supper of

the Lamb, the Holy Communion in which Jesus feeds us with his own eternal life

and gives us in our very flesh the first payment of everlasting life. And the

Holy Eucharist is the Blessed Sacrament, the Real Presence of our Lord in the

tabernacles on our altars where he, though King of Glory, humbly and patiently

awaits our adoration and praise, where he awaits the intimate visits of those he

has called friends. Surely, this gift is such that it prompts us to borrow in

joyful gratitude the words of moses to the chosen people of old: "What

great nation is there that has gods so close to it as the Lord, our God, is to

us…. (Dt. 4:7)

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