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IBM Software Base

This folder contains file bases containing Shareware Software. Shareware files are public files for public use. Many Shareware files ask for small contributions to the author for use of the file, users can choose to follow any instructions contained in the files themsleves, although users are under no obligation.

With that out of the way, users can download any files in any of these bases free of charge. Users can also upload files to the Firstclass System. FIles that are uploaded must be non-copyrighted Shareware or Freeware. FIles that are uploaded will be reviewed and approved for download by other useres only if they pass the following rules:

1. Shareware or Freeware

2. Non-copyrighted

3. Appropriate for a school atmosphere

* The uploading of copyrighted software will not be tolerated and be deleted immediately.

Downloading & Uploading

Downloading and Uploading on FirstClass in very simple and easy to learn. You can Download and Upload from the system at Vanguard or using a modem from your home.

To download a file first find the file you want by looking through the various file descriptions. Next place an IBM formated disk in the drive and doubleclick on the attachment file. The computer will then download the file to you disk. To download a file from home you simply call using a modem and doubleclick on the attachment file. The FIrstClass system here at Vanguard will then automaticlly send the file to your computer. Its that easy!

To upload a file simply compose a messege to “IBM SOFTWARE.” Next write a file description and then attach the file you wan tto upload by goign to the file menu, and select attach file. Next select the fiel you want to upload. When the transfer is complete simply close the messege like regualr E-MAIL and the fiel will be submitted for approval.

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