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already be on stage when show starts

Austin= super stu


Austin says- ?Hi guys, I hope your doing sssuper, My name is stu, and this is my partner in crime, Fredrick. Fredrick don?t be bashful, introduce your self silly.?

Brian: Hi all, I hope were all doing sssuper. Todays show is entitled Men on Katy High school football

Both: Shutter.

Austin: first of all we just want to congradulate the katy mens on such a stellar season.

Brian: First issue whats the deal with this years all girl cheerleading squad.

both: Hated it!

Austin: last year there was a boy on the squard and he had more pep than all the girls combined.

Both: we give him 2 snaps up!!!!!

austin: Brian, whats your favorite football position? \

Brian: well at first I was a tight end kinda guy, but now Im more into wide receivers

Austin: you too?? small world

both: HEY!!!!!

Brian: so, whats your favorite part of the games.

Austin: well, I just sets me on fire when all of the sweaty mens come up to the line of scrimage and theys breath comes out all steamy……..

Brian: oh stu stop it.

Austin: Fredrick who is your fav mans on the football team?

Brian: Oh, well that is easy silly, number 14 Jared Kaspar is the only way to go!

Austin: Well, I must say Jacob Flamm is hot stuff !

Brian: All this talk makes me want to play a game of football.

Austin: Lets do!

hike the ball and prance out while squealing

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