Enzymes Effects On Chemical Reactions


Enzymes Effects On Chemical Reactions Essay, Research Paper

How does this Enzyme effect on this Biochemical Reaction?

Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to discover the effects that certain enzymes have on chemical reactions. Were studying organic chemistry specifically, cells and proteins. The building blocks for proteins are enzymes and what better way to understand how they work than to watch them catalyze a reaction.

Hypothesis: None really, just that we predict reactions in all of the test tubes except in test tube four where you sprinkle sand into the Hydrogen Peroxide.



Manganese Dioxide Powder




Mortar and Pestle


Potato, Fresh

Boiling Water

10 Test Tubes

Test Tube Stand

Wood Splints

Graduated Cylinder

Hydrogen Peroxide

Procedure: First, we took all 10 test tubes and arranged then as they were number 1 to 9. Then in test tube one we measured 2ml of water into the first test tube. For all of the others we put 2ml of Hydrogen Peroxide. Then in each of the test tubes we did the following:

+ Test Tube One Sprinkled a pinch of Manganese Dioxide Powder

+ Test Tube Two A small Piece of Fresh Liver

+ Test Tube Three A Small amount of sand

+ Test Tube Five Grounded up liver and sand

+ Test Tube Six boiled liver

+ Test Tube Seven boiled Manganese Dioxide Powder and Water

+ Test Tube Eight Potato

+ Test Tube Nine Potato and Sand


Test Tube Observations on Reactions

1 Bubbled, turned black; for about 2 or 3 seconds

2 Bubbled much higher than the first one, for 10 seconds

3 Carbonated bubbled and filled almost the entire tube for 212 seconds

4 No Reaction

5 Carbonated about halfway up the test tube, lasted for 12 seconds

6 Liver turned green, bubbled half way up the tube

7 Turned Black, left residue

8 Fizzed for 2min and 45 sec

9 Carbonated Slowly for 52 seconds

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