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Economy, Jobs, and You

1. If the government were to tax alcohol on volume alone we would see a rise in consumption of higher grained alchohol. People would be able to buy a less amount and reach the same effect due to a higher concentrate of ethyl alcohol. The governments’ current system helps reduce drunkenness a bit because it puts a greater price tag on alcohol that is higher in potency.

2. I would believe that the quality of liquor in a speakeasy that was less prone to police invasion would be higher than that of one that was not. If a speakeasy had made certain arrangements with a law enforcement agency they would be able to ensure their customers better product without the possibility of losing their product. By doing so they could afford a higher quality because they knew they were not going to lose inventory to police brutality. A speakeasy that could not guarantee police invasion would only try to get rid of cheaper product in case they were raided. They would protect themselves knowing that the chances of losing product were greater and that a cheaper alcohol was better losing than one which cost them more.

3. I believe that in New Jersey the price of hiring a prostitute would be lower than that of one in Nevada. In New Jersey prostitutes trey to earn as much as they can. There a quick buck is not as regulated and therefore a customer has to be attracted more to price than to quality. A quick hit is better if it is cheaper despite the overall effect. Although it is sad I feel as though there would be more consumption in New Jersey. People are more concerned with money today than any other time. Cheaper is almost always more appealing especially when we measure the values these people particularly have.

4. Smoking is still legal for simply one reason. The amount of dollars coming in is greater than that going out. Until only recently has the tobacco industry had to worry about paying out to its customers. With the fear of lawsuits the industry has begun to take further steps in protecting itself. Despite the fact of the amount of people who lose their lives, this particular drug is still readily available. Most smokers argue that they smoke because they have become addicted. I feel though that if cigarettes were not as readily available there would be less consumption.

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