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Dream WorldIn the nineties, the number one advertisement that sells products is sex. Face it, sex sells. Consumers buy the products that catch their eye and having sex as an advertisement source, surely helps. MTV and gender ads are linked in a big way. In gender ads such as “Bongo jeans” and “Revlon”, beautiful models are featured and that makes people watch the commercial. Men watch the commercials because it catches their eye and women buy the close because they think that men will look at them the way they look at the television. Sex sells, and for the producers of television, that’s where the ratings are. What people want to watch, they put on TV. That’s the same for MTV. MTV videos involve a lot of sex because the videos are mainly focused on a young peoples market. If the music is good and the video’s are solid, the CD’s usually sell. That’s how the artists make their money. Young people have a lot of hormones and sex is interesting for them to watch. Some of the videos in these days are really expressive. They don’t show everything but it usually lets your imagination wonder.

The article “Backlash” and MTV videos can be related because in some of the videos males are dominating the female. The male usually takes charge and does whatever he feels needs to be done. Backlash states this by saying women’s rights are not that powerful. This may be true because in the videos females do not get to be the dominant one.

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