Different Learning Styles


Different Learning Styles Essay, Research Paper

In our English class we took a test on what kind of learning style characteristics we have. Learning the different style writings that I have helped me discover mor of what I’m about. When people learn more about their learning styles, they can take what they have learned and turn it toward your job, but mostly just toward life in general. I learned whenyou put what you learned toward other things that it hwlps you through you whole future.

For example, the test first showed me that I’m a social person. I spend most of my time communicating with customers, coworkers, friends, and many other acquaintances. THe reason I have not been a independent person is because I don’t like to work alone and do things by myself. Of course, I wasn’t surprised at all that the test revealed this. Because I’m a very talkative peson, I’m not at all

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