Blind Ambition


Blind Ambition Essay, Research Paper

Blind Ambition

John Dean was counsel to the President. He wanted power and superiority. To advance up the ladder, John Dean got involved in certain activities. Some of which were not legal. One example would be the extortion of money. John Dean didn?t really think of the consequences but of the rewards. He would be high up on the ladder and one of the Presidents close associates. But John Dean soon found himself in quite a mess. He was on the verge of getting caught and having everything out in the open. He could be looking at prison time.

A Mr. Hunt had certain information on these illegal activities and used them to his advantage in the form of blackmail. It was either a sum of money or an end to a lot of careers including John?s. The sum of the blackmail was $120,000. John didn?t have this kind of money. He arranged a meeting with the president. They talked but John was surprised because he knew more then John thought. Since the Presidents job was on the line, he agreed to help with the money. No one knew where the money would come from but one can assume it was illegal. John at this time was afraid that he or his friends would have to go to jail, he is also worried that they might commit perjury on the stand.

Later on in the story, the tables had turned. John was no longer on the side of the President. I has seemed like Nixon had turned his back on John for his own benefit. Also, John was under the spotlight in the investigation and there were many people against him. He was followed by reporters and had other political figures starting rumors about John Dean. John still had people on his side and he also had incriminating evidence against the President like approving illegal taps, mail opening, and break-ins.

John spent plenty of time planning a strategy with people like Bob and Charlie. If I were John Dean, I would do the best I could to stay out of prison. I would plan in such a way to keep my allies out of prison and my foes into prison. If the easiest way out were to get arrested, I would except my fate for my actions. John did do wrong but he wasn?t alone. If he was to go to jail, he should bring everyone down with him. But if it is possible, he should try to save himself and his friends.

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