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This story The Blind Man is about a woman named Isabel, who has a husband named Maurice. The two of them had been married for 4 years, before there was a certain accident. This accident took place at Flanders, and resulted in the blinding of Maurice. The two continued to live together for the next year, and pretty much, all was well. There were obviously some hard times for the couple, but they were getting through them.

There is a little twist to the story though. Isabel had a friend by the name of Bertie Reid. Maurice never liked Bertie, because I think he was jealous of Isabel and his relationship. They had grown up together, and had been real close friends forever. There was never anything between the two of them, just friends. They were so close that it was like they were brother and sister. Despite this, the two never liked each other.

When Maurice had to go back to France, Isabel thought that it would be on their best interest to stop talking to Bertie while Maurice was gone. She didn?t want Maurice to get jealous, and she didn?t want to make a mistake with Bertie. Two years passed, and the two hadn?t talk to each other. In this two year time period, Maurice had been blinded at war, and she had gotten pregnant. One day in the mail, a letter came right out of the blue from Bertie. The letter asked if he should just put a tombstone on their relationship because it seemed as if it had died. He also asked how Maurice was doing, because he had heard that he had been blinded. Isabel received the letter, and thought that it was real sweet, and read it to Maurice. She asked if Bertie could come and visit the two. He obliged and said that it was okay for Bertie to visit.

The day finally came, and Isabel seemed to be real excited, while Maurice didn?t show a lot of emotion. I got the impression that he didn?t really want him to come, but he knew that he couldn?t really say know. There was a lot of detail describing how Isabel was getting ready for his arrival. Maurice was out working on the farm while she was getting ready. She went out and got him, and he came into the house and showered up. He arrived while Maurice was getting ready. He was all wet, so he went into his room and changed out of his wet cloths. Maurice heard Bertie come in so he finished getting ready and came downstairs to see him. They finally saw each other, and then sat down for dinner. The conversation was pretty much between Isabel and Bertie, while Maurice basically just sat there. When dinner was over, they al got around the fire and started talking. Again, Maurice wasn?t real involved in the conversation, so after a little while, he went out back.

Bertie and Isabel talked for a while, and then they noticed that it was getting late, and Maurice hadn?t been back in. Isabel was too tired to go look for him, so she asked Bertie to. He found him in the barn doing something with vegetables. They started talking about the marriage between Maurice and Isabel. Bertie ?? 7

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