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First, there is the concept of ?tragic courting.?It appears that throughout both Irish film and literature, there is a prominence of tragic couples in the fruitless journey for happiness. For exampl, in ?The Ballroom of Romance,? Bowzer Egan looks to court the ?still-single-after-all-these-years? Bridy (or Bridie; whichever is the correct spelling). Unbelievably, a woman with a name such as hers should have already conquered that feat (marriage) at birth. Yet, both Bowzer and Bridy have remained single, and are getting older and lonelier with each passing week at the Ballroom, still coming up empty with no mates. Bridy has watched as everyone but her have fallen in love and married, while she remains alone. They have come to the realization that they have both missed their chances at happiness. In an act of desperation, Bowzer promises Bridy that when he gains control of his family?s farm upon the death of his mother, they will ?arrange something.? Although Bridy does not particularly want to marry Bowzer, she does not particularly want to be alone either. Thus, they reach a silent agreement, or agreement under a ?mutual understanding.? On other hand, in ?The Quiet Man,? there is the relatively same situation. However, the couple that I am referring to is not Sean Thorton and Kate Danaher; they wed in the end and ?live happily after.? While Sean and Kate appear to go through the same type of problem as Bridy and Bowzer, the audience sees that everything comes together in the end.

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