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In the play, A Doll?s House, by Ibsen, a standard of behavior was not followed. The main character, Nora shocks the readers with her behavior. She does not behave as she is expected to during that time period. Her and her family must face consequences, which effect the overall work.

Nora acts badly when she defies her husband by lying to him and sneaking around his back. She puts aside the morals she is expected to follow so she can hide the wrong she has already committed. Nora then realizes that she can become an independent person and live on her own. During this time period is it unheard of for women to support themselves. She leaves her family to live on her own, become educated, and support herself.

Her and her family are left to face the consequences of her decision. Her children no longer have a mother to raise them and her husband is left alone. The perfect life that she fooled everyone into thinking that she had is ruined. She went from being part of the perfect family to being the biggest topic of gossip in town.

The overall play is effected because Nora defies the standard of behavior. During the time period in which this play was written, women did not leave their family and become independent. They lived with their husband, raised the children, cooked, and cleaned. When the audience reads of this happening, they are shocked. It also demonstrates to us that there is no such thing as a perfect family. If we think we see a perfect family, then they are far from being perfect.

Nora?s actions effect her family and the overall play when she decides not to follow the standard of behavior. She defies her husband and becomes independent, causing her children to live without a mother and her husband to live without a wife. She also effects the work as a whole. The readers are shocked and they learn that there is no such thing as a perfect family.

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