A Sacred Place


A Sacred Place Essay, Research Paper

A known scared place to me in my life, is my bedroom.

Their are many valuables which I keep in it because of the fact

that I still live at home. So until the time comes to move out,

my room is considered a home to myself.*

The first thing that I see when I walk in to my bedroom is

a big comfortable mattress, which is where I lay myself down to

rest. Another valuable in my sacred bedroom is my closet, which

is where I keep all my clothes and junk that I store on shelves

that I have collected and saved over the years. Witho;ut having

my closet, I couldn’t imagine where I would put all of my stuff

besides under my bed. usually the first thing that I do when I’m

on my bed is to turn on my television, that sits on top of my

dresser. My television is the number one thing that I consider

to be relaxing to me if I’m laying on my bed and not trying to go

to sleep.*

Most of all the things that I have in my sacred bedroom is

my desk. And on my desk lays a computer from which I built from

scratch. This is the most important of all, because of the hours

that I have spent sitting at my desk fooling around with my

computer. Besides the fact that my desk is where I do most of my

homework, it is where I learn more about computers. The reason

that I’m talking about my computer , is that computer science is

going to be my major when I graduate from college someday. And

with my computer in my room, I have access to the internet which

is a world of information to me. I also find my room to be a

sacred place for my dog, who has his own bed next to mine on the

floor. Every night, my dog goes straight to his bed and never

moves until the next morning.*

Now that you know why I consider my room to be a sacred

place, people can know understand why I spend a lot of time in

it. When the time comes when I have to move out of my room, I

hope that my new bedroom will feel just as sacred as before.*#


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