A Beginning And End


A Beginning And End Essay, Research Paper

A Beginning and End

Gloria Skains English 101-10/ Perkins Comparison/Contrast

A Beginning and End

Thesis: There is a reason for all seasons, two of which are spring with

its new beginning and autumn with its incipient decline.

I. Spring

A. Daylight

B. Gardens

C. Insects

D. Color

E. Nests

F. Migratory birds

G. Coats of animals

H. Rain

II. Autumn

A. Daylight

B. Gardens

C. Insects

D. Color

E. Nests

F. Migratory birds

G. Coats of animals

H. Rain

Each change and occurence that takes place during each season is so

important to the outcome of the next, because the seasons are all entwined. The

activities which are common to each season have a profound effect on the cycle

of plant and animal life. There is a reason for all seasons, two of which are

spring with its new beginning and autumn with its incipient decline.

Mother nature wakes after a long restful sleep, stands, claps her hands,

and calls spring to attention because this is the time of reawakening, a sudden

surprising emergence after a period of concealed existence. I rise early

because the days are becoming longer now. As I walk and explore this new

morning, I cannot help but notice the activity that surrounds me. Gardens are

being tilled and planted for the ground is warm and will soon break with sprouts

of future bounty. Butterflies of every color are seen flittering and fluttering,

while insects of all kinds are heard buzzing and humming. Butterfly and insects

eagerly emerge from their winter homes intent on the tasks which lie ahead. The

landscape is a palette of every shade of green imagineable. Before my very eyes,

a kaleidoscope of colors splash the horizon as buds, leaves, and blossoms spring

forth and pollen fills the air. The nests of foul, squirrel, and other animals

are busy with activity for they are full with their young. Droves of geese and

other migratory birds flying in formation are seen and heard returning to

spring’s warmer weather. Furry, feathery, and slimy creatures have begun

shedding their heavier coats as they, too, prepare for the warmer temperatures.

The intermittent spring showers encourage the abundant new growth of iris,

narcissus, tulips, and daffodils.

Months later, as I gaze out my window I notice the transformation that

is now taking place. What was once warm, bustling, and fresh has become cool,

calm, and wilted.

There is a stillness in the air as autumn appears. It is as if mother

nature sat, stretched her arms, and yawned, announcing the time has come for a

much needed rest. The nights are longer which makes it harder to wake. As I

stand at the window I cannot help but notice the calmness that surrounds me.

The change is apparent as activity slows because this is the time of full

maturity. Ravished fields and gardens are left to wither away as the final

harvesting comes to an end. The abundance of blooms have diminished so pollen

becomes less evident. The hives of wasps and bees are made ready for the winter

rest. Evidence of cocoons (future caterpillars and butterflies) are seen on

tree trunks and eaves. Leaves cover cars, roof tops, and the ground like a

blanket of snow, as trees and plants shed their leaves. The predominate

mixtures of brown, gray, and evergreen are everywhere. Acorns and other seeds

are shed, providing food for a multitude of animals. Mother nature distributes

the remaining seeds among her fields and her forests for the future growth of

plants and trees. Nests are now empty of their young. The migratory foul take

flight in their V-shaped formation in search of a warmer climate. Furry and

feathery creatures have now replaced their spring attire with fuller, heavier

coats and feathers. Less rain falls since less is needed. The excitement

diminishes as the preparation of rest takes place.

Many events have taken place throughout the year, some obvious and some

never acknowledged, but all are remarkable. The changing of the seasons are

many: a new beginning for every living thing to be fruitful and multiply, a time

for nourishment of both soil and its reapers, and a time for rest because

tomorrow is yet another beginning and end.

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