To Help The Poor


To Help The Poor Essay, Research Paper

To Help the Poor

The inequality of people has gained the attention of the media lately.

Yet common people prefer using a dollar for something totally useless to

giving it to charity.

This is surprising, because that dollar could give a poor child

foor, slothing and vaccination. Perhaps people in the industrialised

countries think these charity aids are needless, because the government

donates a share of its budget to help the developing countries. Yet

governments cut their foreign aid, the multinational companies take even

higher adventage of the cheap labour force in the developing countries and if

, after all, people think the future will offer equal chances for everybody

without any help from the rich, awakening from this fantasy is needed.

The information the media give is inadequate, therefore people

should obtain information spontaneously. Yet, common people find it

frustrating, if the information is not very easy to obtain. Like people who

do not recycle because the recycling-bin is 500 metres from their house

instead of their front-yard, people do not attend information meetings if

the meetings are not held very close to them

Thus, information about malnutrition and poverty in the developing

countries should be spread more vigorously if we are aiming at an equal

world. So one should think twice before turning one’s back to the next

aid encountered.

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