The Halloween Tree


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This book is a story about a group of kids going out on Halloween. They had planned to meet up in costumes, as they did, but someone was missing. Their dear friend Pipkin was late. While they were waiting for him they decided to go out for their first “Trick or Treat”. The door was opened by a man standing in a shadow. He not only said treat, but he wanted then both. The boys wondered what he meant by it. They walked away and saw a tree, a big tree full of pumpkins that were whispering, squeaking and murmuring little poems. Shortly after Pipkin had met up with the rest of them, he was taken away by the wind. Something pulled him up and made him disappear. The boys were helped to get back in time by Mr. Moundshroud. Their mission was to save Pipkin and also to learn more about what Halloween was really about. They visited many countries four thousand years back in time. They found Pipkin several times but could not help him. Finally he was found in Mexico, and there was only one way to help him. All the boys had to agree to give one year away from the end of their lives.

I enjoyed reading this book, It was easy to read, although at some points it got a bit confusing.

“I don’t know, I don’t, oh Gosh, one minute I’m yelling laughs, the next I’m scared. Now scared. Help me guys. Help, oh please.” “Gosh, golly, funny, strange, inside this rock with all these devils and demons for pals! And, ten minutes from now, who knows where I’ll be? Higher up? Or burred deep!”

What made it interesting was that it kept on changing and it was spooky. Every now and then they would change from a country to another, so the plot changed often.

“Been – so many – places – in just – a few – hours.”

Also that kept the reader busy always trying to get to the end to figure it out.

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