Poems – Free Verse Essay, Research Paper

Poem One

Typography Form (free verse)

The sea as calm as can be

a tidal wave hits with great fury

the sea

gentle eases back

to the state of calmness.

Poem Two

Anaphora-auditory pattern

Dreams are the child?s? future;

Dreams are the future

For the child is our future

Poem Three

Pose Rhythms

Among others I am different

Among the different I am the same,

I realize that sometimes different is the same,

Those who wish to be the same don?t realize that they are –

all different.

Poem Four

Prose Rhythm

When I was little I was strong;

When I grew up I knew I should be strong;

When I was young I wished I was older

When I was old I wished I was young

I wish now to enjoy everyday.

Poem Five

Anaphora pattern

People expect a lot

but what do they really expect?

Do they expect fame?

Do they expect love?

Do they expect fortune?

Do they eternal peace?

Or do they expect happiness?

The only thing people should expect is to expect the best-

from themselves that is.

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