Halloween – Trick Or Treat Essay, Research Paper

It was on October 31, Halloween, when Frank had planned he would go ?trick-or-treat? with some of his friends. At that time was only 14 years old, while his friends were 2 to 3 years older. I wasn?t very excited about letting Frank go ?trick-or-treating? with his friends.

It was around 7:30 that evening in which Frank got ready to go with his friends. He came out of his room with black pants, black shirt, black shoes, and a black snowcap on top of his head. So I asked him, ?What are you dressing up as?? and Frank replied, ?Oh, no one just being myself.? Then I said, ?No one! How do you expect to get candy by being yourself.? I had a pretty good idea what he and his friends were up to, but I played along. I knew I was going to catch him in action. He then replied, ?Well dad, I?m too old for costumes,? and I answered, ?Very well do as you wish,? and he went off to his friend?s house.

I was sitting down watching television and answering the door for ?trick-or-treaters.? It wasn?t even an hour since Frank had been gone when I heard the phone ring. I picked up the phone and said, ?Hello?? Then a man replied, ?Good evening sir. How are you doing?? I did not know whom I was talking to; I started to get a little anxious. So I said, ?Very good. Can I ask whom I?m talking to?? then the man replied, ?This is the Miami Metro Dade police station, are you the father of Frank Mendoza?? I knew I was Frank was in trouble. So I said, ?Yes officer. Why is he in trouble?? ?Well, Mr. Mendoza, he was caught with a group of kids throwing eggs at houses and throwing water balloons at people,? replied the police officer.

So I went to pick up Frank at the police station. Frank looked very disappointed, and didn?t say word. So it was my duty to address him that what he did was wrong and should never do that again. He still didn?t say a word. A few minutes passed and I said, ?What do you think your punishment should be?? I was letting him choose his punishment. After a few minutes he replied, ?I don?t know.? Then I told him, ?Okay, then your punishment is that you are not to leave this house for a month.? All Frank said was ?Okay,? and said nothing else for the rest of the ride home. He knew what he did was wrong.

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