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Squeegee Kids “Squeegee kids” should better themselves for humanity and the safety of the city. They should not be wandering the streets, loitering, and disturbing people. They have no right to approach anonymous vehicles and apply what they call “cleaning” on the windshield without the owner’s permission.These people should stop and think whether or not they are benefiting from their actions. It disrupts drivers, and creates hazardous conditions for those who pass red lights to avoid having their windshield not cleaned, but made even dirtier. Subsequently, the streets of the city are unsafe for driving and walking. Eventually, everyone must be so cautious while on the road that it becomes a nuisance to society.

Helping these people get off the streets would ensure a safer environment. We could create shelters and assist them with employment. Banning this practice will force them to abandon the roads and find other occupations. Certainly, this will produce a better life for these people. This is the best resolution to remove them from the streets and into better places.Everyone will benefit from the outcome of the resolution. Drivers will be less stressed by the potential hazards, and the “Squeegee Kids” will have decent homes and occupations.

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