Seven Kids


Seven Kids Essay, Research Paper

?Seven Kids Found in Squalor?

A story of seven children being neglected brings a slew of negative emotions as a reader. This story of how Chicago police found seven children in an apartment in conditions that was less than ideal for children to live in. With only a carton of milk and the apartment being a rat-infested hole.

This story can be seen in the light that it is another negative event that has occurred in this world and that is in the news. Here is where I make the connection to our class. First, the some thing positive in this article and that is the relatives of the family have come forward to take care of these children while the authorities charge the mother. This act of kindness by the family is an act of selfishness that these children can get a new start and their lives could go in a better direction due to the change in household. Many children do not get this second chance. Is this part of God?s plan?

For some reason, the mother of these children did not ask for help. Getting help by asking other people is just a simple way of seeing God?s will in the world. Humans have an innate nature to help each other out. Just reading this article makes me want to go and help this family out and I don?t even know the family. I guess it doesn?t matter. However, what can we explain this natural emotion to? Helping people out is what defines part of what it means to be a Christian. By helping less fortunate out, Christians can bring a little piece of ?heaven? into this world.

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