Poem One True Love


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One True Love

I stand quietly, silently contemplating the sky

Watching the clouds move

Completely unaware

Of tears

Dripping from my chin

My gaze shifts down

To the swaying trees

The leaves moving

In the gentle breeze

Finally my gazes comes

To rest

I step forward holding a rose to my chest

To the simple box laying near me

My fingers touch the wood

And a strangled moan escapes my throat

My tears drip to splash the box

As I place the rose I hold on top

Pressing my palm against the wood

I bend near and whisper

?I Love You?

My words are carried away on the breeze

Leaving odd silence to completely surround me

Tearing my eyes finally away

I focus on those around me

They stare at me

With pity in their eyes

Their tear stained faces

Reflect the same uniform expression

No one knows

Of the meaning of pain

Until they stare at

A coffin

In front of them

And see the faces around them

And know that the one being lowered into the ground

Was the one they truly loved

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